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Mobile Institute is an art platform initiated by artists. It is not associated to a specific place and values a more open platform for art development and its various exhibited forms. MI is a flexible interface:

1. As a Platform, MI is a catalyst for networking and creates the conditions in which artists can produce artwork. This specificity makes it stand as a network and a structure.

2. MI develops Projects as an artist group, working in association with established institutions and artists. Through its dynamic behaviour, MI creates specific productions.

3. The Laboratory is an experimental area where the MI utopian vision and research are used as a device for generating projects.

MobileInstitute is suported by : 
-Wallonie Bruxelles International (WBI)
Communauté Française de Belgique


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On 2008 june 21, "Funeral / MIDSUMMERNIGHT" took place in Hotel Noailles for a one night event.

"The Funeral was a night, honoring the project frogs OS, active from 2000 until 2008. The ceremony borrowed its form from a cross section of different funeral traditions but without the habitual religious references and symbolism. In a light hearted way the funeral 'burried' frogs OS while introducing the open-frames site as its possible continuation : An archive of all the projects created within the frame of frogs OS, the site was opened on the night of the funeral for the use of a wider artistic community."
Text from

Eclectically curated by The New Feldk├╝che and Obnoxious/Obnoxious it involved a series of culinary and auditive compositions and compilations by different artists who were respectively in charge of the ceremony over the course of the evening.

The full evening program :

ALL NIGHT LONG : Obnoxious/Obnoxious :
Master Fader / The Snail / Mr Foo
( mobile triple dj set - Amsterdam )

20:00 Grand Diner by The New Feldk├╝che
21:00 Funeral Eulogy
22:00 Mieke Lambrigts,
23:00 cock/pool/tails,
24:00 tom&jerry,
01:00 Pierre Deruisseau,
02:00 explicitexplicit
06:00 Breakfast